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We specialize in Russian telephonic interpretation, which means, we translate simultaneously between Russian and English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or other languages.

Russia has been at the cutting edge of telephonic interpretation since the 1920s and Moscow Interpreter is proud to further this long tradition. Our telephonic interpreters have provided communication for hundreds of top politicians and top business people at organizations such as the UN, EC, NATO Council, EBRD, World Bank and more.

If you are new to the concept of telephonic interpretation and find the prospect rather daunting let us offer a brief explanation. Telephonic interpretation is a method of instant translation of the speakers words in your own language. This is achieved by expert interpreters using high quality electronic equipment to convey the required version through the participants headsets. This service is recommended for large international conferences, business meetings, presentations or guided tours.

An alternative method is consecutive translation whereby the speaker pauses to allow the translator to offer the translation. Although cheaper, this method is time consuming and impractical if multiple languages are required.

We can also provide telephonic interpreters for smaller meetings - we don't have to use any special equipment there. If the number of foreign guests at a forum is one or two we can attach interpreter to them who will whisper in their ear. No specialized equipment is needed in this case.

Tour-guide systems which do not even require a technician will be used to provide translation for a group touring a noisy facility.

  • US$200-$250 per hour per cabin. Two or three interpreters to a cabin.
  • Negotiable flat fees for telephonic interpretation for business meetings involving a limited number of participants.
Our partner company will provide telephonic interpretation equipment including booths /cabins, transmitters, receivers and mikes.

Our primary service area is Moscow, Russia, but we can fly our telephonic interpreters to anywhere in Russia or any other country.

To discuss your needs e-mail us at, or call us at +7-495-542-0470 6am-5pm GMT Mon-Sat: English / Russian, or Skype us at: mosinterpret2.

N.B.: Information on this web site is not a public offer as defined by Article 437 of The Russian Federation Civil Code.

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